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5 Ways to Build Your Business During Covid-19 (Pandemic)

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Building, Branding, and Growing During a Pandemic

Let's face it, this Corona Virus Pandemic came and knocked us all off of our feet. Who would've thought that this outbreak would come and interrupt our meticulously planned out goals and strategies for growing our business in 2020.... I know I didn't. I've learnt so many things throughout this down time and I want to share my nuggets with you.

When this pandemic hit my home town everything shut down almost immediately. One minute I was freely able to visit the beach, go to the store, and chill with family and friends without fear of being ill. Now we're on a 24 hour curfew and complete lockdown from Friday 9pm - Monday 5am. Only one person in my family can visit the store for essential items. God forbid you leave the house without a face mask... You're ostracized and won't be able to enter into any stores. Social Distancing has become the order of the day, and only businesses that can operate are essential stores (grocery stores, gas stations, medial facilities, pharmacies) and those that can be done from home, or via delivery only. What??

This knocks out over 75% of businesses that operate in the New Providence, Bahamas area. As a result a number of businesses shut down and countless persons are out of jobs. If your business has been impacted by Covid-19, here's 5 ways you can still be productive and grow your business during this time.

1. Relax... Breathe

Take time out of your day to just pause and breathe. This virus is here, but all hope is not lost. The world is still moving, and people are still in need of your products and services. Take this time of stillness to Build a solid foundation for your business, Brand yourself online, and Grow into the digital age. Growth comes to make you uncomfortable. Do you have what it takes to upgrade your level of thinking, pivot & adjust to the new, and unleash your creativity?

2. Get Your Mind Right

It's easy to lose hope when there is a Pandemic that directly affects your income. Let's face it. You dropped everything and took a risk to start your business or dive fully time into your business (I know I did). The truth is, if you believe all hope is lost then it truly is. It's ok to take a minute, lick your wounds and cry a little. But after a little while you need to get up and Get Your Mind in the Game. Take some time to Visualize & Strategize your next move. You need to be able to Visualize, Strategize & Execute your plan to view results in your business. Remember these 3 things

  • You have what it takes to generate wealth and prosperity in your life.

  • You can find customers that will buy your products & services

  • You are not alone and you can still have everything you desire once you continue to believe.

What you believe for, you work towards so get your mind right! Need help getting in the right head space to produce profit in your business. Check out our Visualize & Strategize eBook.

3. Pivot & Adjust

Now more than ever it has become more imperative to take a step back and review your business processes and adjust them. If you've been doing business without incorporating technology then you've been doing it all wrong. It's time to Pivot your business model and find more ways to incorporate technology. If you have a product based business this is the perfect time to get you a website where your customers can see your product offering anytime and anywhere. Make doing business for yourself a little bit easier, and make it easier for your clients to buy from you. Create a profit plan that will allow you to adjust to this new normal.

4. Get Creative with Your Marketing

If you have a service based business that requires your customers to come in store like for example a spa, or a beauty parlor, chef services (just to name a few) use this time to capitalize on reaching your audience. Go on live and share with them some behind the scenes of your business that make you worth spending money with. Share with your customer Beauty Tips and Tricks they can use to stay look fly during the quarantine. Show your online community quick and easy meals they can make on a low budget or 5 stars recipes to make right at home (side note, now would be a great time to also create and start selling eBooks and courses that you probably always wanted to create and sell online).

You can no longer solely rely on print marketing. You need to get more creative. If you haven't been capitalizing on Social Media Marketing to reach and build a relationship with your audience, now is the time to do so. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are all free ways that you can use to reach your people. There are people that want to buy what you're selling. But they will only buy from you if they know who you are and what you offer.

5. Get Digital

I have to reiterate it. We have been pushed further into the reality that technology IS the way to go if you want to reach your customers and make money during this economic turn. If you don't have your business online, you won't have a business for much longer. It's time to get your tech game on and Build a Website AND integrate payment options for your customers to pay you online! If you don't have a website yet, you can use this down time to build your website. You can build a free website using If you need help building your website and incorporating online payment options take advantage of our Web & Pay services.

Do you have what it takes to upgrade your level of thinking, pivot & adjust to the new, and unleash your creativity?

Comment below and let me know your thoughts. How are you holding up during this Covid-19 Pandemic? What are ways that you're going to Build, Brand, and Grow your business? I'd like to hear from you.

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